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[Fog of War Series] 3. Jumpgate Portals

(Eingestellt am 28. Oktober 2022, 05:51 Uhr von AstralSky)

Inspired by the game Portal 2. Thinking it may be fun to combine Portals in a FoW puzzle.
The grid is initially covered with fog. There are two initial light sources to disperse the fog. Deduce and enter correct digits to get more light. It is OK to enter a digit in the fog.Bulbs inside the grid is completely cosmetic.
  • 1.Normal Sudoku Rules apply.
  • 2.Digits along an arrow must sum to its attached circle. Digits may repeat on an arrow if allowed.All arrow circles are single digit number and arrows don`t intersect nor overlap.
  • 3.Bulbs outside shot light beams in its direction.Digits along a light beam cannot repeat.Glowing star means a light beam go out from here.Not all stars are given.
  • 4.There are four pairs of Portals. Portals of the same color have the same digit and different color Portals have different digits. Every box contains at most one Portal. Whenever light beam enters a Portal, it continues from the other Portal of the same color in its original direction.
  • Puzzle link: Play on CTC
  • Example of Portals:

Lösungscode: Column 2 then Row 9

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am 25. November 2022, 00:20 Uhr von julien505
Brilliant puzzle combining 2 rare ideas. Portals are really fun, especially when you can't see them :)

am 5. November 2022, 04:38 Uhr von AstralSky
Updated the link to Sudokupad Beta for more stability

am 29. Oktober 2022, 17:16 Uhr von meixia
Great puzzle. I liked proving where the portals must be, even though I cannot see them.

am 29. Oktober 2022, 06:27 Uhr von askel083
Oh! Really enjoyed that. Thanks!

am 28. Oktober 2022, 06:22 Uhr von cdwg2000
Portal and Fog of war combined, good ideas.

am 28. Oktober 2022, 05:52 Uhr von AstralSky
Fixed typo in solution code

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