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Normal Sudoku rules apply. Numbers on arrows sum to the number in that arrow's circle. Numbers on arrows DECREASE as you move away from the circle, except the red arrow does not follow this rule. All arrow circles that are greater than all adjacent cells have a blue maximum marking. Numbers in cages sum to the number in the top left corner of the cage. Numbers with a white dot between them are consecutive. Not all dots are given.


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Lösungscode: Row 8 and column 8.

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am 14. Januar 2023, 13:01 Uhr von zrbakhtiar
I don't know if this will spoil the puzzle difficulty or not, but I think it can help some solver to get break in. Search for 'Phistomefel ring' on YT.

am 9. Januar 2023, 17:02 Uhr von tobymgk
This was an interesting solve and took me some time! However, it looks like on SudokuPad that there’s an anti-king rule set.

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