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(Eingestellt am 23. Oktober 2022, 22:20 Uhr von Andrewsarchus)

  • Normal Irregular Sudoku rules apply.
  • White dots separate consecutive digits. ALL white dots are given.
  • 159 : Digits in columns 1,5,9 index the digits 1,5,9 respectively in the row.
        For example: if R3C1 = 7, then R3C7 = 1.

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Lösungscode: Row 4 and Column 7
(left to right, top to bottom, no spaces)

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am 10. Mai 2023, 19:19 Uhr von Volkner
I am ashamed of how long it took me to find the obvious break in. That was devious. Andrewsarchus is quickly becoming one of my favorite setters.

am 10. Dezember 2022, 18:13 Uhr von riffclown
My brain still hurts. Awesome Setting!

am 29. Oktober 2022, 21:17 Uhr von StephenR
A most enjoyable voyage into sudokuland, thanks. Took me a while to get started on this, but I enjoyed every deduction.

am 25. Oktober 2022, 18:36 Uhr von Snookerfan
Very nice and interesting! Thank you

Zuletzt geändert am 24. Oktober 2022, 21:04 Uhr

am 24. Oktober 2022, 21:03 Uhr von marcmees
real minimalism. nice. thanks

am 24. Oktober 2022, 08:56 Uhr von kuraban
Brilliant puzzle. Loved the interactions with the negative constraint and just a lovely design of the grid.

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