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The Descent

(Eingestellt am 12. Oktober 2022, 03:41 Uhr von mathpesto)

As Halloween is approaching, I wanted to do a puzzle based off one of my favorite horror movies, The Descent (2005, UK). The film takes place in a cave, so naturally I had to make a cave puzzle. The brown lines look like the drawings the characters find on the wall, convincing them that the cave has a second way out. The crimson line represents their path through the cave, and as you can see, they descend further into the depths rather than escaping through the other exit. Comments and ratings are much appreciated, and please check out my other puzzles here. Feel free to post a hidden comment below or message me on Discord if you'd like any help! Enjoy!


Normal Sudoku rules apply. Digits on a brown line form a set of non-repeating, consecutive numbers (in any order). Any set of three sequential cells on a red line contains a low digit (1-3), a middle digit (4-6), and a high digit (7-9). Digits given in a small circle appear at least once each in the four surrounding cells.

Cells are either wall or cave cells. Low digits belong to one group, high digits belong to the other, and a cell with a middle digit could belong to either group. Walls are orthogonally connected to the edge of the grid and the cave is one orthogonally connected area. A 2x2 area cannot be fully wall nor fully cave cells.

A digit placed in a large circle indicates the number of cells of its own “type” (i.e. cave or wall) that it sees horizontally and vertically, including itself.


Lösungscode: Cave cells' digits in Rows 3, 6, and 9 (left to right)

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am 27. Oktober 2022, 21:36 Uhr von ascension
For the sake of other color blind folks, the bottom line is the only red one.

am 14. Oktober 2022, 15:39 Uhr von Mody
Schwer, aber schön :)
Hard, but beautiful :)

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am 13. Oktober 2022, 23:47 Uhr von sacklunch
WOW. I loved this puzzle!! I'm also a big fan of the movie, so right from the start the design layout is beautiful. The solve path is tough but doable, and solving the puzzle gave me the feeling of probing around in the dark, trying to determine where the walls are. I used orange for walls and dark grey for the cave cells, so I ended up with a very Halloween themed grid. :) An absolute delight from start to finish. Thanks @Mathpesto for the tricks and treats!


@sacklunch: Thanks so much, I'm so delighted to read this! I'm working on another horror movie-themed puzzle right now, so be on the lookout soon :) -Math Pesto

am 12. Oktober 2022, 09:40 Uhr von MagnusJosefsson
Very nice combination!

am 12. Oktober 2022, 04:29 Uhr von cdwg2000
Very nice!

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