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Queen Cages (Introduction)

(Eingestellt am 2. Oktober 2022, 16:30 Uhr von Crusader175)

Introduction puzzle to the new ruleset idea.


Normal sudoku rules apply. Digits may not repeat within a cage. If 2 cages are orthogonally adjacent, in this combined area, no digit is repeated within any diagonal in any direction. (e.g. R1C1 and R4C4 can't be the same digit)

Example Puzzle:


CTC (with solution check)

Puzzle Link:


CTC (with solution check)

Lösungscode: Row 2 followed by Row 7

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am 3. Oktober 2022, 18:17 Uhr von Crusader175
Fix typo, thanks kjholt!

Zuletzt geändert am 3. Oktober 2022, 18:16 Uhr

am 3. Oktober 2022, 16:26 Uhr von kjholt
R1C4 and R4C1 couldn't be the same number regardless, right, since they're in the same cage? Maybe you should rewrite that example to say R1C4 and R3C2? Unless I'm missing something of course which is usually a good bet when I think I've spotted an error.

Reply: I meant to write R1C1 & R4C4, sorry for the confusion!

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am 2. Oktober 2022, 18:51 Uhr von Klausku
Quite interesting ruleset that yields some new deductions. Thanks

Reply: Thank you very much Klausku!

am 2. Oktober 2022, 18:12 Uhr von Crusader175
Fixed cut off ruleset. Thanks Raumplaner!

Zuletzt geändert am 2. Oktober 2022, 18:13 Uhr

am 2. Oktober 2022, 17:59 Uhr von Raumplaner
I really enjoyed the multi-layered geometric deductions. Thanks for your craft!

Reply: Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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am 2. Oktober 2022, 17:09 Uhr von dumediat
Excellent puzzle! This has some beautiful and surprising logic, and also very approachable. Thank you for sharing!

Reply: Thank you for the solve and kind feedback! :)

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