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Golden October

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1.New ruleset:
Fill the empty cells with numbers 1-10 , however , one number has become the "Separator" (given as · in the grid). So that each row/column/box contains the separator and other nine numbers exactly once.
2.Cyan lines are "friendly lines": numbers on the friendly lines must correspond to at least one of its row/column/box number. Each box's index number is orthogonally adjacent to a separator. Separator cannot be on friendly lines.
3. Red lines are parity lines: Adjacent numbers on a parity line must have the same parity(odd/even). If a separator is on the line, it has the same parity as its original number.
4.Arrow rules apply. However, if a separator appear on the arrow, it is counted as 0 and the parts segmented by the separator must have the same sum either. Yellow lines are decorative and have no special meanings.


Link for F-puzzles: href="https://tinyurl.com/ep2j4upc">Here
Link for CtC:


Lösungscode: Row 2,use S for the separator

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am 9. Oktober 2022, 08:06 Uhr von Zombie Hunter
How are the boxes numbered?

Reply: The number in the INDEX cell is the box's number

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