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Pentopia Killer Sudoku

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Normal Sudoku rules apply. Place some pentominous cages (5-cell cages) in the grid so that no cages (including given 3-cell cage) are in adjacent cells that share an edge or corner. Pentominoes cannot repeat in the grid; rotations and reflections of a pentomino are considered the same shape.
The arrow clues indicate ALL the directions in a cell (up, down, left, and right) where the nearest cages are located when looking from that square. Digits cannot repeat in a cage and sum to the small number written in a cell's cage. Each cell with small number given must be in EXACTLY one cage. Digit in a cell with arrows cannot be in any cages and must be smaller than ALL adjacent digits which arrows pointing to. (i.e. r3c3 must be smaller than r4c3 but r3c3 must be bigger than r3c2, r3c4, r2c3). The example of Pentopia is in the 2nd image below.


Penpa Link

Lösungscode: Box 8, left to right, top to bottom, read by rows.

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am 20. Dezember 2022, 08:19 Uhr von muaroivt1998
clarify the rule

am 1. Oktober 2022, 10:54 Uhr von tesseralis
very cute concept and pentopia part, and I liked how the killer cages interact with the arrows, but I didn't realize i could finish the last cage and working out the last few killer cages was a lot bumpier than it should've been >_<. thanks for sharing though!

am 30. September 2022, 16:03 Uhr von muaroivt1998
add info abt 2nd image

am 30. September 2022, 16:02 Uhr von muaroivt1998
add example about pentopia puzzle

am 30. September 2022, 15:59 Uhr von muaroivt1998
https://www.gmpuzzles.com/blog/?s=pentopia (there are some example images in here), check it out

am 30. September 2022, 15:25 Uhr von SenatorGronk
Yeah, I think I figured out what you mean (by elimination), but an example would really help.

am 30. September 2022, 12:29 Uhr von muaroivt1998

Neither of them actually. In Pentopia puzzle. Arrows are clue indicate all directions which have the SAME DISTANCE NEAREST to a shaded cell in those direction. The rules written as "arrow clues indicate ALL the directions (up, down, left, and right) where the nearest cages are located when looking from that square", which means in the final grid after you solved the puzzle, in each of 4 directions from the arrow clue, ALL directions have the shortest distance to the 1st shaded cell in respective direction has ALL given.

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am 30. September 2022, 12:25 Uhr von muaroivt1998
There is no "adjacent" words in pentopia arrows clue. I think maybe too many rulesets made you a litte bit confuse here. Please read carefully again. If you still have any questions, fell free to comment here, but I'll reply quite late bcuz of my works

am 29. September 2022, 21:10 Uhr von SenatorGronk
Can you clarify how the arrows work? Do they indicate which adjacent cells contain cages, or do they indicate that the cells X spaces away have cages (where X is the value in the arrow cell)?

If they refer to adjacent cells, then I don't see how you avoid having two U pentominoes at the bottom of the grid (because you say that cages can't touch orthogonally or diagonally).

If they refer to cells X spaces away, then R8C8 would be 1. However at the very end of your rules, you state that R8C8 would have to be greater than R7C8, which would be a different violation.

am 29. September 2022, 15:37 Uhr von muaroivt1998
more tag

am 29. September 2022, 15:30 Uhr von muaroivt1998
Add a tag

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