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Hungarian Tapa Roller Coaster #2 (13x17)

(Eingestellt am 28. September 2022, 16:37 Uhr von KNT)


Latin Square/Tapa: Shade some empty cells to create a single connected wall. Cells with clues cannot be shaded, and the shaded cells cannot form a 2×2 square anywhere in the grid. Each row must contain nine shaded cells. Place a number from 1 to 9 into each shaded cell such that each number appears exactly once in each row, and at most once in each column.

Hungarian Tapa: Numbers in a cell indicate the sums of the numbers of consecutive shaded blocks in the neighboring cells. If there is more than one number in a cell, then there must be at least one unshaded cell between the shaded cell groups. Numbers on the shaded cells can repeat in a sum.

Loop: Draw a closed loop that passes through some shaded cells, and every unshaded cell (this includes clued cells).

Roller Coaster: Clues outside the grid are roller coaster clues. In the rows, the clues indicate the sums of digits on each horizontal stretch of the loop, in the order they appear, left to right. Likewise for the columns and vertical segments, top to bottom. For any row or column, either all or no roller coaster clues are given.

Question Marks: A ? represents a single digit number, which may be 0. A ?? represents a double digit number, which may not begin with 0, but may end in 0.

The puzzle can be solved here. Answer check is enabled with correct digits placed, and correct green line segments. Resizing the window will also remove answer check.

Good luck, and if you are stuck, either leave a hidden comment, contact me via Discord (jehlp#8886), or email (jwad10125@gmail.com), and I will try my best to give you a push forward, or diagnose your mistake as soon as I can.

Two rules that I especially suggest to keep in mind: the digits 1-9 must appear in each row, so each row has 9 shaded and 8 unshaded cells. Secondly, the loop must pass through every unshaded cell.

Below is an example on the numbers 1 through 4 to demonstrate the rules.

Lösungscode: Row 3, with S for straight segment of loop, and L for a turn of the loop. If a cell has both a digit and loop, enter the digit first. For Row 3 of the example, the solution code would be 2SL4SL13S.

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am 4. April 2024, 22:51 Uhr von Nensche777
Amazing, awesome, great!
Many thanks! :)

am 3. Januar 2024, 18:52 Uhr von Piatato
Awesome puzzle, surprisingly smooth! Great fun throughout!

am 8. April 2023, 15:16 Uhr von abed hawila
Wow! Splendid puzzle!

am 3. Januar 2023, 11:09 Uhr von Mark Sweep
Amazing! Indeed very hard, but it never felt like a single step was too hard. There were mostly just a lot of little steps.

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am 25. Dezember 2022, 05:23 Uhr von ONeill
Incredible construction! One of my favourites of yours for sure, which says a lot. Thanks :)

am 3. Dezember 2022, 01:19 Uhr von lerroyy
Really good puzzle! It's nice that the puzzle has a constant difficulty during the whole solve

am 26. November 2022, 02:00 Uhr von Christounet
My goodness, that took me forever !!
I had to reset it at almost two thirds, because I was getting no more progress, and it made me realize I had done a terrible arithmetic in column 1... Anyway, starting over made me appreciate even more the subtle entry point to this puzzle. Despite what you said to me about the quality of this puzzle not reaching your usual standards, I can tell you I enjoyed every minute of the solve (and that was plenty minutes, believe me) and several of the deductions felt very satisfying ! Hungarian tapas are such treacherous clues in this puzzle, because one can easily forget a clue once it's surrounded by digits, shading, segments of loop... Gotta be extra careful when you solve a puzzle like this one... And setting it, well, feels like some kind of wizardry to me !

am 16. Oktober 2022, 18:07 Uhr von Alex
genius puzzle!

am 4. Oktober 2022, 09:28 Uhr von ibag
Wirklich ein Meisterwerk!

am 3. Oktober 2022, 20:00 Uhr von zwooz19
Wooof, what a battle! Thank you for a fantastic puzzle :)

am 3. Oktober 2022, 11:55 Uhr von Statistica
Wow! Großartig vom Beginn bis zum Schluss. Hat sich (mehrfach) gelohnt ;-)

am 1. Oktober 2022, 11:31 Uhr von Vebby
Hands down the hardest puzzle of yours on this portal imo. Solving this felt like a long scavenger hunt with plenty of rewarding deductions along the way. Amazing construction to come up with something so large and intricate. Thanks KNT!

am 30. September 2022, 13:19 Uhr von Koalagator2
Amazing Puzzle!
Thanks for the hours of pure enjoyment!

am 29. September 2022, 12:46 Uhr von MagnusJosefsson
Magnificent! Several hours of pure enjoyment, inching forward slowly deduction by deduction. Really well balanced solution path that is never tricky yet maintains its challenging nature all the way to the end. Thanks for the wonderful puzzle KNT!

am 28. September 2022, 23:08 Uhr von Jesper
Epic! That was quite a journey :)

am 28. September 2022, 21:32 Uhr von polar
Loved it! This puzzle would be up there among my favourite Wichtels for its originality, intricacy and size if it were one, which is probably the best compliment I could offer you. Can certainly confirm there is significant room for errors to be made, of which I discovered several! But there is definitely a very fair and logical path through it all.

Thank you for setting this - you should go overboard more often when you come back ;)

am 28. September 2022, 17:32 Uhr von Niverio
What a brutal, brutal marathon! The grid keeps on giving once the initial start is found though, so that you always are at the right place to look :D

am 28. September 2022, 17:25 Uhr von Dandelo
Enjoy the break.

But not for too long.

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