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(Eingestellt am 23. September 2022, 07:34 Uhr von wooferzfg)

This puzzle was created by Jakhob and wooferzfg.


Normal Sudoku rules apply.

Digits on thermometers must strictly increase from the bulb end.

Gold lines in the grid are palindromes, which must read the same forwards and backwards.

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Lösungscode: Row 1 followed by Row 3

Zuletzt geändert am 27. September 2022, 10:40 Uhr

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am 27. Oktober 2022, 15:20 Uhr von SHERAX
Tool me forever To Solve This One….
Never Give Up Is The Solution!
Added To My Favorites

am 27. September 2022, 13:31 Uhr von Christounet
Very fun ! Colored the hell out of that grid !

am 25. September 2022, 14:11 Uhr von DaniK
What a lovely puzzle! Thanks for setting it

am 24. September 2022, 17:52 Uhr von GeorgeTheToad
Lots of interactions between thermos aided by the palindromes is a work of art. Enjoyed every minute of this one. Deserves a solve on CTC.

am 23. September 2022, 22:22 Uhr von Corey115
It felt like I was managing 9 spinning plates while trying to plot the overall structure of the puzzle early on. Really satisfying how it all comes together in the end. Zero dropped plates!

am 23. September 2022, 17:18 Uhr von SirSchmoopy
Really lovely puzzle with some very nice logic throughout the entire solve

am 23. September 2022, 11:34 Uhr von wisty
One of my favorite thermo puzzles! I had so much fun exploring the relationships between all the different lines on the grid :)

am 23. September 2022, 10:18 Uhr von apendleton
At the beginning it didn't seem like this could possibly solve, and it was so satisfying when it eventually did.

am 23. September 2022, 09:01 Uhr von cdwg2000
Very nice!

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