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(Eingestellt am 2. September 2022, 18:31 Uhr von mathpesto)

Here's a sequel to my Heyawake chaos construction "Hey, Are You Awake?". But instead of Heyawake, this puzzle incorporates Eric Fox's pencil puzzle genre Aqre. Feel free to post a hidden comment below or message me on Discord if you'd like any help! Enjoy!


Place the digits 1–9 in every cell in the grid so that no digit repeats in a row, column, or region. Each cell belongs to a region, which can be made up of 1–9 cells. A clue in the top-left corner of a cell gives the sum of the digits in that cell’s region. Some cells must be shaded so that all shaded cells form a single orthogonally connected area. No more than three shaded cells or unshaded cells may be adjacent in a row or column. A digit in a circle gives the amount of shaded cells in that cell’s region. A digit in a square gives the sum of the shaded cells in that cell's region.


Lösungscode: Just the digits of the shaded cells in Rows 6 and 8 (left to right, no spaces)

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am 29. September 2022, 13:49 Uhr von bansalsaab
Hi @mathpesto

Can more than one cage sum clues be part of same region? And what is greater than 45 clue in column 9? Is that a typo amd supposed to be less than 45 or just 45?



There's no restriction about cage sum clues: a region can have zero, one, or multiple clues.

"<" is less than and ">" is greater than, so it's a "less than 45" clue in R7C9.

--- thanks. I think I got confused by notation of greater than sign. Usually I believe I have seen the sign used differently in the sense that if tip faces the number it is less than operation but if the gap faces the number then it is larger than operation. In any case, thanks for quick clarification

am 23. September 2022, 11:11 Uhr von Bootenks
Very very pretty, challenging puzzle. It's not unsolvale but you need to stay focused and see all options.

am 12. September 2022, 21:59 Uhr von Silverstep
Started out like a normal chaos construction, up to the middle part where all the Math started working and then it was Math magic all the way. Marvelous, 10/10 would solve again.

am 5. September 2022, 16:29 Uhr von hepcecob
This was very clever, enjoyed every bit of it.

am 4. September 2022, 20:57 Uhr von Christounet
Very nice use of the aqre rule ! The construction of the regions was fun and full of surprises. Thanks !

am 4. September 2022, 20:55 Uhr von BHUNTER47
Absolutely stunning.

am 4. September 2022, 17:54 Uhr von Mody
Großartiges Rätsel und toll konstruiert.
Great puzzle and great construction.

am 3. September 2022, 23:32 Uhr von profanat
The best puzzle I have ever solved.

am 3. September 2022, 20:05 Uhr von peacherwu2
The previous one baffled me.

am 2. September 2022, 20:06 Uhr von Nordy
This puzzle is equal parts beauty, fun, and intrigue—and I enjoyed every second of it

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