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Empty Sandwiches

(Eingestellt am 31. August 2022, 15:39 Uhr von Mountainfarmer)

Normal sudoku rules apply. The grey shape indicates an extra region with the numbers 1-9. Digits in cages sum to a total in the top left corner of the cage. Digits on an arrow sum to the attached circle (digits may repeat on arrows if allowed by other rules). Numbers outside the grid indicates the sum of all cells sandwiched between 1 and 9. All zero sandwiches are shown. Digits on the purple line are consecutive, but can be in any order.


Lösungscode: The numbers in the third row

Zuletzt geändert am 1. September 2022, 06:26 Uhr

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am 31. August 2022, 23:09 Uhr von Mountainfarmer
Rules description adjusted as suggested.

Zuletzt geändert am 31. August 2022, 21:50 Uhr

am 31. August 2022, 21:50 Uhr von TheRiddler
Very cool and challenging puzzle! I liked that a lot.

The rule for the purple line could be clarified: The digits on the line must be consecutive, but can be in ANY order.

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