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(Eingestellt am 28. August 2022, 19:53 Uhr von wooferzfg)

This puzzle was created by Jakhob and wooferzfg.


Normal Sudoku rules apply.

Digits on arrows must sum to the digit in the circle.

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Lösungscode: Row 3 followed by Row 6

Zuletzt geändert am 1. September 2022, 19:49 Uhr

Gelöst von Jakhob, TotallyNormalCat, SKORP17, jalebc, Jesper, SimiC, tallcat, antiknight, Bjd, brandon_bot, Nunya, KNT, S4K, Dermerlin, cdwg2000, galgamer, Crusader175, brimmy, Reenolex, szy2120109, efnenu, ... Vivian Huang, morgannamodeaura, Askloomok, Klausku, ArnulfKoch, fserb, mathpesto, pianobarry87, faisalaak, SudokuExplorer, MrChobson, BlueShifted, dogfarts, mse326, geronimo92, MrQubo, Julianl
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am 11. Dezember 2022, 00:46 Uhr von mathpesto
Very fun solve, beautifully set, and what a fresh implementation of arrows! :)

am 10. Dezember 2022, 12:33 Uhr von Klausku
Realy beautiful!

am 5. September 2022, 15:31 Uhr von 99jau99
What an amazing break-in, just one of my favourites! Thanks for setting!!

am 4. September 2022, 20:53 Uhr von Phistomefel
Loved it, thanks! :)

am 30. August 2022, 01:33 Uhr von wisty
Awesome puzzle! You two have a gift for discovering complex and refreshing ways to use familiar restraints without needing to reach too far outside of that familiarity.

am 29. August 2022, 22:40 Uhr von econtrout

am 29. August 2022, 19:54 Uhr von DaniK
What a lovely sudoku. It is super fun and clever, thanks!

am 29. August 2022, 09:45 Uhr von Crusader175
Very nice break-in and smooth solve after!

am 29. August 2022, 05:26 Uhr von KNT
that box 1/box 2 arrow does look a bit like a Yux, haha

this puzzle reminded me a lot of "More", by TNC. very nice

am 29. August 2022, 04:54 Uhr von brandon_bot
Crazy break in. I've never seen anything like that before.

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