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Man Dancing in the Corner

(Eingestellt am 16. August 2022, 02:52 Uhr von Chefofdeath)

Man Dancing in the Corner

This is a variant sudoku puzzle.


1. Normal sudoku rules apply.

2. Digits in a cage must sum to the given total.

3. Cells separated by a knight’s move in chess must not contain the same digits.

4. Orthogonally adjacent cells must not be consecutive.

5. Digits on an arrow must sum to the total in the connected circle.

F-Puzzle link CTC link

Lösungscode: Column 1 followed by Row 1, no spaces.

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am 30. Oktober 2022, 00:45 Uhr von Rollo
Very funny design and not easy for me :-).

am 18. August 2022, 04:15 Uhr von ScatterBrain
My granddaughter says "it's oddly satisfying!" Thanks!

am 17. August 2022, 00:48 Uhr von Calvinball
Love a puzzle that both looks like fun and solves fun. Well done! Thanks for taking the time to set it.

am 16. August 2022, 21:27 Uhr von CaptRob
Very nice puzzle. Really like the break in. Thanks a lot

am 16. August 2022, 14:08 Uhr von Hecspeed
Quite a fun puzzle with interesting deductions.

am 16. August 2022, 13:29 Uhr von Eloi.blok
Nice puzzle!

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am 16. August 2022, 10:14 Uhr von Ereshkigal
What an absolutely incredible puzzle! Very approachable, very creative start, as a beginner it took me 1 hour, but the logic is so beautiful, I really hope CTC will feature this puzzle on the channel.

Thank you for the kind words :) Glad you had as much fun solving it as I did making it! -Chefofdeath

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