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Dotting the I(ndice)s

(Eingestellt am 13. August 2022, 07:08 Uhr von SSG)

Normal sudoku rules apply.

Kropki Pairs: Cells separated by a white dot must contain consecutive digits. Cells separated by a black dot must contain digits in a ratio of 1:2. Not all possible dots are necessarily given

159/Indexing: The digit in any cell specifies the column in which its column's number appears in its row. (i.e. if r3c4 contained a 7, r3c7 would need to contain a 4.)

f-puzzles: https://f-puzzles.com/?id=2mrsbgqc
CTC: https://tinyurl.com/34nufjpk

Lösungscode: Row 8 + Column 9 (18 digits)

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am 15. August 2022, 00:58 Uhr von Hecspeed
The indexing with kropki interacted very beautifully with a lot of fun as if they are meant to be with each other. Thanks for the wonderful puzzle!

am 13. August 2022, 13:49 Uhr von ern3301
Great Composition, enjoyed the intricate deductions

am 13. August 2022, 10:57 Uhr von Arlo Lipof
What a gem! Thank you.

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