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Sudoku Variants Series (379) - Multiplarrows Sudoku

(Eingestellt am 10. August 2022, 02:00 Uhr von Richard)

Für dieses Sudoku-Varianten-Projekt habe ich geplant, jede Woche eine andere Sudokuvariante zu veröffentlichen. Ich werde sehen wie lange es dauert bis mir die Ideen ausgehen.

Multiplarrows Sudoku
Verwende die üblichen Sudoku-Regeln.
Die Summe der Ziffern auf einer Linie zwischen zwei Kreisen ist gleich dem Produkt der beiden Ziffern in den Kreisen. In jeder dieser Rechnungen dürfen sich Ziffern wiederholen.

Dieses Rätsel ist von purpl inspiriert.

Starwarigami has made also a sudoku with this constraint; it is a tough, but very nice one as well. You can find it here.

Solve online in F-Puzzles or CtC-app (thx Nick Smirnov!)

Lösungscode: Zeile 8, gefolgt von Spalte 8.

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am 5. September 2022, 13:23 Uhr von Rollo
Puh, das war 'n Brett! Sehr schön.

am 29. August 2022, 06:27 Uhr von Hecspeed
Nicely constructed and very satisfactory to solve. Loved the deductions. Thanks!

Zuletzt geändert am 25. August 2022, 06:01 Uhr

am 24. August 2022, 16:36 Uhr von purpl
Thank you so much for creating something with this variant, I lvoed solving it! I really love the variant even if it has its quirks. I live streamed my solve in case you are curious: https://youtu.be/E-PsNScM5SA?t=213
Reply: Thank you so much for the live solve. It was very fun to watch, including all the chatting! You have given yourself a bit of a hard time here and there, because you solved it in a different order than my intended path, but in the end you have taken all the steps to get there in a reasonable time. Well done!

am 14. August 2022, 08:57 Uhr von Richard
Added link to another puzzle with this constraint. Recommended!

am 12. August 2022, 15:12 Uhr von philb
Another lovely puzzle, thanks! Probably about 2.5 difficulty I'd say.

Zuletzt geändert am 11. August 2022, 05:42 Uhr

am 10. August 2022, 21:37 Uhr von washyleopard
It defies imagination that you are at almost 400 unique sudoku variants. With a new one every week, the only thing more consistent than your release schedule is the superb quality of these puzzles. Outstanding.
Reply: Wow! that is a cool compliment!
But you are right; almost 400 is quite an achievement. I hope to continue for a while, I am curious myself when it will come to an end...

am 10. August 2022, 12:05 Uhr von marcmees
nice one. thanks.

am 10. August 2022, 09:09 Uhr von Richard
Added links and tag for online solving. Thx once more Nick!

am 10. August 2022, 07:50 Uhr von Dermerlin
I enjoyed this one very much. Thx for posting.

Zuletzt geändert am 10. August 2022, 09:13 Uhr

am 10. August 2022, 07:27 Uhr von Playmaker6174
There are plenty of unusual logic in this one (probably because of arithmetic shenanigans), but I found the overall path very satisfying once I successfully unfolded the clues one by one :)
Thanks Playmaker6174!
After having solved purpl's puzzle, I had plenty of ideas of steps for this one, including indeed a few steps containing some unusual logic. I am happy about how it all turned out! :-)

Zuletzt geändert am 10. August 2022, 02:17 Uhr

am 10. August 2022, 02:13 Uhr von Nick Smirnov


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