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Chess Triples

(Eingestellt am 2. August 2022, 07:35 Uhr von Scruffamudda)

Normal sudoku rules apply.

In this puzzle there are 3 anti-king, 3 anti-queen and 3 anti-knight digits. These digits must not see an identical digit by their assigned chess move.
The anti-king, anti-queen and anti-knight digits must appear in ascending order from left to right in their respective cages.

Digits separated by a black dot are in a ratio of 1:3.
All possible dots showing a 1:3 ratio are given.

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Lösungscode: row 9

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am 18. August 2022, 16:58 Uhr von Dook
Great ruleset and fun all the way through. Thanks!

am 13. August 2022, 03:05 Uhr von PepperWood
Fun ruleset! Thanks for putting this together!

am 8. August 2022, 20:57 Uhr von glum_hippo
Exceedingly clever.

am 3. August 2022, 07:17 Uhr von ExFalsoQuodlibet

am 3. August 2022, 03:03 Uhr von zegres
Very neat idea and amazing setting!

am 2. August 2022, 20:30 Uhr von Hecspeed
Very enjoyable and intense

am 2. August 2022, 15:18 Uhr von Bankey
This was great fun. Thanks, @ Scruffamudda :)

am 2. August 2022, 13:16 Uhr von thrutch
Really enjoyable construction, an unusual and interesting ruleset with some nice deductions along the way, but not outrageously difficult.

am 2. August 2022, 11:28 Uhr von Onkel_Dagobert
Outstanding puzzle. I am tempted to say: The most fun I had with a sudoku ever! An original idea, an elegant solve, and challenging but not unfair.

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