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Play with Kings (Sudoku 30)

(Eingestellt am 13. Juli 2022, 14:04 Uhr von Sumanta(ANU))

A follow up of the previous puzzle “Play with Knights”

Link: Play with Knights

I find making a non-consecutive Kings move puzzle is much difficult than a non-consecutive Knights move puzzle. Here is my try. Difficulty 2 to 3. Enjoy!!


Normal Sudoku rules apply.

Anti Kings: Cells separated by a chess Kings move don't contain identical digits.

Non consecutive: Orthogonally connected adjacent cells don't have consecutive digits.

Arrow: Digits on an arrow sum to the digit on the attached circle. Digits may repeat on an arrow if allowed by other rules. Note that R4C7 is common to two arrows.

f-puzzle link:

f-puzzle-(Play with Kings)

Lösungscode: Column1(9 digits top to bottom)

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