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Frowning Fish

(Eingestellt am 28. Juni 2022, 18:17 Uhr von cam)

I've had this idea for a bit now and I finally got around to making the puzzle. I'm happy with it. Let me know what you think :)

Ordinary Sudoku Rules Apply. In addition:

1. Little Killer Rules Apply: The arrows outside the grid show the sum of the digits along the indicated diagonal

2. Arrow Rules: Digits along an arrow sum to the value in the arrow circle

3. Palindrome Rules: Digits along the gray lines are palindromes reading the same forwards and backwards

4. Kropki Rules: Cells separated by a black dot have a ratio of 1:2 and cells separated by a white dot are consecutive. Not all dots are given.

That's it! Enjoy! :) You can play it here.

Lösungscode: Row 4 followed by column 5

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am 29. Juni 2022, 20:25 Uhr von ___
fascinating geometry. thanks cam!

Reply: Thanks for checking it out! I appreciate the comment :)

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am 28. Juni 2022, 20:20 Uhr von Steven R
That unfolded beautifully, thanks for setting this :)

Reply: Thanks! I appreciate that you took the time to solve it! :)

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