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Chaos Deconstruction #1: Position Sums (11x11)

(Eingestellt am 29. Juni 2022, 16:05 Uhr von KNT)

Now for a puzzle much simpler than it looks!


1. Chaos deconstruction rules apply. In the 11x11 grid, nine 9-cell regions containing the digits 1-9 must be located. Digits cannot repeat any row, column or region, and regions are orthogonally connected.

2. An arrow in the grid indicates the number of empty cells in the direction of the arrow. An arrow cell may not be empty.

Position Sum rules apply.

3.1. An unshaded clue in a row or column gives the sum of the first two nonempty cells in that direction.

3.2. A shaded clue in a row or column gives the sum of the Ath and Bth cells from that direction, where A and B are the first two nonempty cells in the row or column from that direction. The Ath and Bth cells then must not be empty.

4. If an outside clue is circled, then the cells in its sum must be in the same region. If uncircled, the cells in the sum are in different regions.

This can be played on Penpa+. Enjoy!

Below is an example 7x7 completed grid in which five 5-cell regions are placed. Note that this is an example grid, not an example puzzle, this is not necessarily uniquely solvable.

Lösungscode: Row 6 followed by Column 6, ignoring blank cells

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am 2. Juli 2022, 00:13 Uhr von cdwg2000

am 1. Juli 2022, 18:19 Uhr von KNT
Thank you all for the nice comments! I intend to make more Chaos Deconstructions in the relatively near future :)

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am 1. Juli 2022, 18:03 Uhr von wenchang
It is a very nice puzzle. I have recorded a video on solving this. Here is the link. KNT: if you don't like this, delete the comment and let me know. I will not post again for your future games.


I don't mind at all- in fact I welcome any and all of your solve videos in comments. They are a joy to watch.

am 30. Juni 2022, 12:36 Uhr von Vebby
Superb! Loved the creative ruleset and the region geometry. Thanks KNT! :)

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am 30. Juni 2022, 07:28 Uhr von marcmees
Very nice... smooth solve the second attempt :-). thanks

am 30. Juni 2022, 06:39 Uhr von henrypijames
Extremely easy puzzle - to make one mistake after another. :D

Zuletzt geändert am 30. Juni 2022, 05:48 Uhr

am 30. Juni 2022, 05:47 Uhr von jovi_al
good puz, my first proper KNT solve. enjoyed a lot <3

am 29. Juni 2022, 23:46 Uhr von Jesper
Wonderful! So enjoyable to work it out, step by step.

am 29. Juni 2022, 22:58 Uhr von KNT
Fixed ANOTHER typo in the example image. Today just isn't my day it seems...

am 29. Juni 2022, 22:47 Uhr von MagnusJosefsson
Great puzzle! Very clever clear but narrow solution path.

am 29. Juni 2022, 22:17 Uhr von KNT
Fixed typo in example image

am 29. Juni 2022, 20:39 Uhr von Steven R
Had a lot of fun getting to grips with this puzzle, there's a lot going on in there. Thanks! :)

am 29. Juni 2022, 20:38 Uhr von Niverio
Very nice puzzle! I cannot believe this ruleset, which sounds dumb at first, can create such unique logic!

am 29. Juni 2022, 20:14 Uhr von PixelPlucker
This is like trying to do Position Sums after getting bonked very hard on the head

Delightful puzzle, very clever and intentional all the way through. Thanks!

am 29. Juni 2022, 18:50 Uhr von KNT
Updated rule 2.

am 29. Juni 2022, 18:50 Uhr von KNT
@bansalsaab, no an arrow cell cannot be empty.

@dandbdi. the regions themselves must be orthogonally connected (like in a normal chaos construction). There is no restrictions about where they are in relation to each other, as you can see in the example grid.

am 29. Juni 2022, 18:15 Uhr von dandbdi
[1. ..., and regions are orthogonally connected.]
Between each other (the example does not satisfy this), or does it just mean that "a single region consists of orthogonally connected cells"?

am 29. Juni 2022, 18:06 Uhr von bansalsaab
Hi KNT, can an arrow cell be empty?

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