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Jedi Order

(Eingestellt am 27. Juni 2022, 11:04 Uhr von zeneszerzo)

Jedi Order

I wanted to create a heyawake inspired by the jedi order symbol, celebrating the new Obi-Wan Kenobi series.

Start with the 0 clues for the jedi order symbol. :)

Heyawake rules:

  • Shade some cells, that the remaining unshaded cells form a single orthogonally connected polyomino.
  • Shaded cells must not be adjacent to each other orthogonally.
  • Any straight (orthogonal) line of unshaded cells must not cross more than one border.
  • Clues in rooms (orthogonally connected region divided by borders) show how many shaded cells there are in that room.

Play on puzz.link

Lösungscode: For each row that contains a number clue the number of shaded cells, and then for each column that contains a number clue the number of shaded cells (12 digits)

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