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Colorguru Chaos Deconstruction: Renbans

(Eingestellt am 23. Juni 2022, 05:33 Uhr von crispy16)

The third puzzle in the Colorguru Chaos Deconstruction series, this time in a nice small 9x9 grid. You can find the earlier entries in the series in my list of puzzles here


Colorguru Chaos Deconstruction: Some cells in the grid have been colored. The given cells are also labelled with a letter representing the color:
b - blue, g - green, p - purple, r - red and y - yellow

Using those 5 colors, color some more cells in the grid to satisfy the following conditions:

Every colored cell must belong to a Block. A Block consists of 1 to 5 orthogonally connected cells of the same color. Blocks of the same color cannot touch orthogonally or diagonally.

Every Block belongs to a Region. A Region consists of 2 or more orthogonally connected Blocks. Blocks within a Region cannot be the same color or size.

Regions may not touch orthogonally. Regions that touch diagonally have at most one color in common.

Renbans: Along a purple line every cell must have a different color, and the sizes of the Blocks they belong to must be a set of consecutive digits (in any order).

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Lösungscode: Using the letters for the colors given in the rules, write the colored cells in row 1 then column 2, ignoring uncolored cells. (One letter for each colored cell, so a sequence of 2 blue cells followed by 1 red and 3 yellow cells would be "bbryyy")

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am 23. Juni 2022, 06:03 Uhr von Jakhob
Great puzzle again! We're really really enjoying these and hope you continue to make more of them!

am 23. Juni 2022, 05:59 Uhr von wooferzfg
The break-in is fascinating and leads into a fun mid-solve. The smaller grid was also a nice change, since it made the puzzle length very manageable.

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