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Redundant 45 clue

(Eingestellt am 20. Juni 2022, 15:36 Uhr von zeneszerzo)

This is my 2nd heyadoku puzzle. The heyawake part is easier, so it may be more approachable for solvers who are not that familiar with Heyawake. Have fun solving!

Normal sudoku rules apply.

Numbers in thermometers increase from the bulb end.

Killer cages form rooms. Normal Heyawake rules apply to these rooms. (Heyawake rules are explained in detail later.)

  • Unshaded cells must sum to the given clue in a killer cage.
  • Digits must not repeat within a cage.
  • Additionally, if a killer cage has at least one shaded cell, the number which tells how many shaded cells there are must be in that cage. That cell can be shaded or unshaded. (For example: If a cage has exactly 2 shaded cells, the digit '2' is in one of its cells.)
  • Note, that only killer cages form rooms, regular Sudoku box borders are not Heyawake borders.

Heyawake rules:

  • Shade some cells, that the remaining unshaded cells form a single orthogonally connected polyomino.
  • Shaded cells must not be adjacent to each other orthogonally.
  • Any straight (orthogonal) line of unshaded cells must not cross more than one room border. (For example in the puzzle below if R1C9 and R2C9 turn out to be unshaded, R3C9 is definitely shaded, otherwise the line of unshaded cells would cross 2 room borders)

Solve on Cracking the Cryptic It doesn't check the killer sums or the heyawake shadings.

Solve on f-puzzles It doesn't check the killer sums or the heyawake shadings.

Lösungscode: Box 5 in reading order, then for each row the first shaded digit

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am 24. Juni 2022, 04:44 Uhr von toucha99
Ahh, I got careless

Zuletzt geändert am 23. Juni 2022, 18:05 Uhr

am 23. Juni 2022, 17:36 Uhr von zeneszerzo
@Toucha99: The 16 sum fixes that ambiguity, it only adds up to 16 with one way.

am 23. Juni 2022, 02:43 Uhr von toucha99

I don't think this puzzle is the only solution. Both r8c3 and r9c3 may be shade.

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