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Watch a video of Simon Anthony (CTC) solving this puzzle.
Thank you, Cracking The Cryptic, for the video! :-)


Each row, column and region contains digits 1-9 exactly once.
Digits within a cage sum to the small number in top left corner.
Digits may not repeat along either long diagonal.

Solve online:

Have fun!

Lösungscode: Row 1 + Row 9 (18 digits)

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am 4. Juli 2022, 23:37 Uhr von Ore
Added youtube link. Thanks everyone for solving and nice comments (here and on youtube as well)! :-)

am 3. Juli 2022, 01:40 Uhr von Elliott810
Beautiful puzzle! Well deserved appearance on CTC. Thanks:)

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am 20. Juni 2022, 12:19 Uhr von Statistica
Sehr hübscher Einstieg. Klasse Rätsel.
Danke :-)

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