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Throwing Shade

(Eingestellt am 19. Juni 2022, 01:25 Uhr von tesseralis)

  • Normal sudoku rules apply.
  • Digits on a thermometer rise from the bulb.
  • Digits joined by a white dot are consecutive.
  • Yin-yang: Shade some cells so that all shaded cells are connected and all unshaded cells are connected. No 2x2 region may be completely shaded or unshaded.
  • Skyscraper sums: A clue indicates the sum of all digits seen from that direction, where a digit is seen if it is greater than all digits that occur before it when viewed from that direction. For example, for the row 315247698, the seen digits would be 3, 5, 7, 9 and the skyscraper sum would be 24.
  • If a row/column is clued by a skyscraper sum, then all its seen cells are unshaded, and all its other cells are shaded.

Solve in:

Lösungscode: Row 1, followed by Column 9

Gelöst von LittleBallOfPurr, KNT, RJBlarmo, marcmees, twobear, deltameth, Tilberg, ancarro, Jesper, Samish
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am 30. Juli 2022, 19:16 Uhr von Samish
Very nice puzzle ! Interesting logic to figure out and not too hard after that. It’s funny how the clues initially seem quite little restrictive and end up tightly constraining everything !

am 8. Juli 2022, 17:46 Uhr von Jesper
Great puzzle, thanks!

am 20. Juni 2022, 12:30 Uhr von tesseralis
@Tilberg yep, that's where the inspiration comes from :)

am 20. Juni 2022, 11:14 Uhr von Tilberg
Just realized, that your wording of the rules with unshaded and shaded cells corresponds to visible skyscrapers lying in the sun, and hidden skyscrapers lying in the shadow, respectively. That's hilarious!

am 19. Juni 2022, 23:27 Uhr von tesseralis
@tilberg thank you! I originally was sad I had to add the thermos in but I think they ended up being a cool part of the solve and I'm very happy with them.
@twobear thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it.
@marcmees @RJBlarmo Thank you both! would you believe that all the clues used to be just question marks??
@KNT thank you! It was fun watching you solve live. Thanks for the inspiration with Taijitu as well!
@LittleBallOfPurr Thank you so much for testing! Your encouragement spurred me to post the puzzle!

am 19. Juni 2022, 22:08 Uhr von Tilberg
The logic was gorgeous. I especially liked the thermo between boxes 5 and 8. Sometimes it's the little things that make the difference! :-)

am 19. Juni 2022, 15:53 Uhr von twobear
Fascinating puzzle and beautiful logic. Thank you!

am 19. Juni 2022, 15:30 Uhr von marcmees
Surprising at first sight. Only "vague" clues ? Eventualy solves nice with some fun logic. Thanks.

am 19. Juni 2022, 06:10 Uhr von RJBlarmo
Great puzzle! Looks daunting at first with the wide ranges of the clue values but after understanding the opening logic everything came together nicely.

am 19. Juni 2022, 03:40 Uhr von KNT
I had a lot of fun with this, the logic in the c8 skyscraper was very nice :)

am 19. Juni 2022, 02:14 Uhr von LittleBallOfPurr
Wonderful puzzle that does so many things well. With clues that keep on giving and a variety of processes to work through. Thanks so much for the lovely puzzle!

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