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Outside Corners

(Eingestellt am 14. Juni 2022, 16:46 Uhr von vjonsson)

  • Normal Sudoku rules apply.
  • Each main diagonal (marked in blue) cannot contain a repeated digit.
  • Digits along an arrow must sum to the digit in that arrow's circle.
  • Adjacent cells along green lines must differ by at least 5. Digits can repeat on lines if allowed by other rules.
  • Cells separated by a V must sum to 5. Not all X's and V's are given (no negative constraint).

Play on CtC
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Lösungscode: Row 2, Column 5

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am 16. Juni 2022, 08:17 Uhr von KyleBaran
I enjoyed the logic and interactions, though it slowed down once I found the arrow sum. Gave it a good rating overall

am 14. Juni 2022, 18:40 Uhr von drbs
Die Lösung läuft wie am Schnürchen, sehr schön gemacht!

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