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Birdy (by Kessera)

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Normal Sudoku Rules apply.
Place the digits 1 through 9 in each empty cell. Digits must not repeat within the same row, column, or box.

Digits on a renban line (pink, brown) must be a set of consecutive digits in any order, and must not repeat.

German Whisper
Adjacent digits along each german whisper (green, yellowgreen(box6)) line must have a difference of at least 5.

Kropki Dots
A black dot between cells indicates cell values with a 2:1 ratio. Not all dots are shown.

Digits along each thermometer must increase starting from the bulb end.

Digits along a palindrome line (blue, gray) read the same forwards or backwards. Note: The gray palindrome ends in r9c3.

Adjacent cells connected with an X must sum to 10. Adjacent cells connected with a V must sum to 5. Not all X's and V's are given. Note: All given V's are marked in red!

Cells with a filled circle (yellow, gray) must be odd. Cells with a filled green square must be even.

Cells on either side of the black inequality symbol must have values that abide by the indicated relationship.

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Lösungscode: row 1 and column 2

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am 13. Juni 2022, 20:50 Uhr von zChris96
Update of Ruleset

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am 13. Juni 2022, 07:18 Uhr von Dermerlin
Hi. What about the gray circles? Are they odd as well? Rules are only talking about the yellow circle.

Thanks for pointing taht out i totally missed that. The gray circles are also odd.

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