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Oil and Water

(Eingestellt am 20. Juni 2022, 18:53 Uhr von Will Power)

Normal Sudoku rules apply. Numbers inside cages sum to the number in the top left corner of the cage, if given. Numbers may repeat in cages, if other rules allow. Black dots are between numbers that are in a ratio of 2:1. Oil cages show ALL possible black dots. White dots between numbers indicate a consecutive pair. Water cages show ALL possible white dots. Dots do not appear between water and oil cages. All numbers are either oil or water throughout the whole puzzle. Oil numbers will only go in oil cages and water numbers will only go in water cages. The solver must determine which numbers are oil and which are water. Numbers with a V between them sum to 5. Not all V are given.


Lösungscode: Row 5 and column 9.

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am 28. Juni 2022, 20:07 Uhr von Baklin
Really enjoyed this one. Thanks.

am 23. Juni 2022, 18:37 Uhr von highball
Flawless puzzle. Great concept, I can't believe you could set such a rule set. Amazing work Will, once again. Oil and Water do not mix!

am 23. Juni 2022, 17:02 Uhr von erik
I found the rule description "Dots do not appear between water and oil cages." confusing because early in the break in I figured out between the oil/water cages and the 5 clue what looks like a white kropki dot situation with the V clues. But that seems to violate the rule?

I did solve the puzzle by interpreting the rule to mean "There are no restrictions about kropki dots and digits on the borders between oil and water cells."

am 23. Juni 2022, 02:25 Uhr von Will Power
Added rule description for Vs.

am 22. Juni 2022, 23:36 Uhr von adam001
The explanation of the Vs misses.

Zuletzt geändert am 23. Juni 2022, 15:03 Uhr

am 21. Juni 2022, 21:06 Uhr von Schesam
I cant solve it, even tho f-puzzles is green. No cosecutive Numbers on water except with white dots. No Numbers wit 1:2 Ratio in Oil except with a black dot. On LM there is an extra Rule not mentioned in F-Puzzles, which seems impossible to me (between all oil and water cells are never a possible way to place a dot). But the solution Code is wrong. Tried it for 5 Hours now, but it stays wrong... Maybe another day

@Schesam- Hopefully, you have made it to this position: https://f-puzzles.com/?id=2nn24nlu Notice that one number is forced next to the white dot in the center of the grid. And that number cannot go into one of the 2 positions per the rules. That is the hint.

Yea, i was at that point already. I tried it today again 3 Times and only the last time my solution code was a little bit different (3 5/7 were flipped). There i tried to use a bit deeper logic instead just using the plain thing. Somehow it worked, even both seemed possible. Idk, anyway, i rly liked it!

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