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Serial killers on the loose

(Eingestellt am 12. Juni 2022, 08:16 Uhr von Sabrar)

This is easy to start but can be very tricky to finish, especially if you're unfamiliar with pentominos.

Normal Sudoku and Little Killer rules, XV pairs, German whispers. No negative constraint.

Place a pentomino in 8 of the 9 boxes, given the following constraints:

- No two pentominos may have the same shape, including rotation and reflection.

- Pentominos in orthogonally adjacent boxes must touch each other diagonally but not orthogonally. Pentominos in diagonally adjacent boxes may not touch.

- Green lines may touch the boundaries of pentominos but not cross them. Clarification: this rule means that within a box the cells on a green line are either all contained in the pentomino (if there is one) or they are all outside of it.

- All pentominos act as killer cages, summing to the same total throughout the grid. This total must be deduced by the solver.

Link to CtC app

Have fun!

Lösungscode: Row 4, followed by column 9 (no spaces or commas)

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am 12. Juni 2022, 16:27 Uhr von mos
Thanks or the clarification. Very nice linear solvepath.

am 12. Juni 2022, 15:38 Uhr von Sabrar
Edit: provided clarification for how green lines interact with the pentominos.

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