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My attemp for a region sum line Sudoku. Happy solving!!


Normal Sudoku rules apply.

Little killer sum: The clues outside the grid give the sums of the digits along the indicated diagonals.

X/V/Kropki: "X" connects cells summing to 10. Black dot joins cells with 1:2 ratio. No negative constraint.

Three lines: Each of the lines (Red, blue, green) act as individual region sum line. Additionally, One of the region sum lines is also a renben line and other two region sum lines are parity lines. Solver have to find which one is Renben and which two are parity lines.


Region sum lines: Digits on a region sum line sum to same total in each boxes the line passes through.

Renben lines: Contains a set of non repeating consecutive digits in any order.

Parity lines: The parity of the digits along the line oscillate between odd and even numbers, except when the line goes from one box to another. In such instances the parity may or may not change, but within a box it must oscillate

Example: If the green line is a parity line and R7C1 is odd then R8C2 has to be even (same box), R9C3 has to be odd (same box). R9C4 may be even or odd since the line changes box. and so on.

f-puzzle link:


Lösungscode: Column6 (9 digits top to bottom)

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am 13. Juni 2022, 17:15 Uhr von Ragna
A wonderful fun puzzle.
Thank you very much.

@Ragna, Thanks for the feedback and solve. Happy that you enjoyed. :)

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am 11. Juni 2022, 05:53 Uhr von Elliott810
What a wonderful puzzle! It has delighted me right from the start with its beautiful break-in and afterwards with lots of nice deductions. Take a bow and thanks:)

@Elliott810, Thanks a lot for the feedback and solve:) Happy that you enjoyed the puzzle :)

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