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Hex: A Hexagonal Chaos Construction

(Eingestellt am 7. Juni 2022, 05:19 Uhr von mathpesto)


Place the digits 1–9 in the grid so that no digit repeats along the horizontal axis, the two diagonals, nor within a region. A region is a collection of nine connected cells. Regions do not overlap and are to be determined. One boundary between regions is given.

A white dot connects adjacent digits that are consecutive and in the same region. A black dot connects adjacent digits that are in a 1:2 ratio and in separate regions. All possible dots are given. (Adjacent cells can have consecutive digits without a white dot between them, so long as they’re in separate regions. Adjacent cells can be in a 1:2 ratio without a black dot, so long as they’re in the same region.)

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The digit in the red hex cannot be repeated on any of the red lines. Same goes for the green hex and the green lines.

Lösungscode: Type the digits (no spaces) of the region containing R7C3 as follows: The digits of the region's topmost row (left to right), the digits of the region's second row (left to right), etc.

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am 12. Juni 2022, 06:53 Uhr von LittleBallOfPurr
Spent far too long scratching my head at the end, there's always some subtle rule I forget about. Really love this hex style, thought I would try this one out after seeing Zetamath solving your other one on stream. Many thanks, lovely puzzle!

am 10. Juni 2022, 00:31 Uhr von mathpesto
Provided example.

am 8. Juni 2022, 07:34 Uhr von KNT
while not a hard puzzle, it took a while to wrap my head around how the hex-grid worked

am 8. Juni 2022, 03:07 Uhr von Elliptical
That was fun. It was easier than I expected. I gave it 3 stars out of 5 for difficulty.

am 7. Juni 2022, 20:39 Uhr von tubahat

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am 7. Juni 2022, 18:18 Uhr von wildbush7
By horizontal axis, do you mean each row?


@wildbush7 that's correct!

am 7. Juni 2022, 17:57 Uhr von Dandelo
@robals: What's wrong with this? It is the solution.

am 7. Juni 2022, 08:34 Uhr von RJBlarmo
Fun puzzle, took a bit to get started but everything resolves very nicely.

am 7. Juni 2022, 08:28 Uhr von Dandelo
Very nice. Not too hard, but always challenging.

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