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Duel of the Fates

(Eingestellt am 5. Juni 2022, 07:21 Uhr von DarthParadox)

Normal sudoku rules apply. The digits along each arrow must sum to the number in its circle.

There are six different colors of lines in this puzzle. Each color corresponds to a different one of these constraints:
  • Dutch Whispers (adjacent numbers on the line must differ by at least 4)
  • Entropic (any three adjacent digits on the line must be one each of 1-3, 4-6, and 7-9)
  • German Whispers (adjacent numbers on the line must differ by at least 5)
  • Palindrome (the numbers on the line form the same sequence no matter which end you start from)
  • Region Sums (if the line passes through multiple regions, the sum of the digits on the line must be the same in each region)
  • Renban (the line contains a set of consecutive digits in any order with no repeats)
Online solving links with desaturated colors (recommended for visibility of digits): f-puzzles, CTC

Online solving links with colors as seen below: f-puzzles, CTC

Since this is a very color-heavy puzzle, I've also created an accessible version with annotations for the colors: f-puzzles, CTC - the puzzle descriptions on those sites also contain a complete list of the lines belonging to each of the six groups.

Lösungscode: Column 4 followed by column 6

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am 18. Juli 2022, 17:22 Uhr von MatthewDonovan
A very nice puzzle which was also not ridiculously difficult (which I was worried about after reading the ruleset!) Thank you!

am 8. Juli 2022, 06:36 Uhr von DarthParadox
Adding desaturated versions to make visibility of digits much easier.

am 11. Juni 2022, 11:58 Uhr von robals
Fun puzzle! it took me many restarts!

am 5. Juni 2022, 14:27 Uhr von Ragna
Fun fun fun puzzle! :-))
Thank you very much.

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