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Shady Sixes

(Eingestellt am 4. Juni 2022, 05:33 Uhr von Scruffamudda)

Normal sudoku rules apply.

Shaded cells must be part of a sum of 6 made using a chain of king’s moves on distinct cells. (Shaded cells need not be an endpoint on the chain).

Unshaded cells must not be part of a sum of 6 made using a chain of king's moves on distinct cells.

Digits separated by a white dot are consecutive. Not all dots are shown.

Visual example:

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f-puzzles link

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am 4. Juni 2022, 11:41 Uhr von OutOfMyMindBRB
Beautiful puzzle!

It was a bit hard to wrap my head around the rule, but once i did it blossomed into a lot of fun, with consistent logic :-) thank you!

maybe - "every shaded cell must be part of at least one king-move-chain of shaded cells summing to 6"?

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