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Old Fashioned TV Antenna

(Eingestellt am 7. Juni 2022, 03:04 Uhr von EricRathbun)

  • Normal Sudoku Rules apply.
  • Normal Arrow Rules apply.
  • Normal Killer Cage rules apply.
  • Normal Little Killer rules apply.

The puzzle can be played here:


Hope you enjoy the puzzle. Comments appreciated.

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am 31. Juli 2022, 12:13 Uhr von Christounet
Nice old school design and a very cool arrow little killer interaction. Thanks
Response from Eric: You're welcome Christounet. Glad you liked it.

Zuletzt geändert am 25. Juli 2022, 03:06 Uhr

am 24. Juli 2022, 23:41 Uhr von theParad0x
Very good interactions between the variants!
Response from Eric: Thanks theParad0x. Congratulations on the solve.

Zuletzt geändert am 9. Juli 2022, 13:27 Uhr

am 4. Juli 2022, 11:46 Uhr von Playmaker6174
Cool design with a nice flow, thanks for the great fun :)
Response from Eric: Thanks Playmaker6174. Glad you enjoyed it.

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am 15. Juni 2022, 19:31 Uhr von 99jau99
Amazing! Near 3 stars for me.
Response from Eric: Thanks 99jau99. Glad you liked it.

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am 9. Juni 2022, 00:23 Uhr von elpadrinoIV
Super accesible puzzle, thank you!!!!!!!
Response from Eric: You are very welcome elpadrinoIV. Glad you liked it.

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am 8. Juni 2022, 20:19 Uhr von annatollar
I loved the setup, it looks very cool and it flowed really nicely. Thank you!
Response from Eric: Thanks annatollar. Glad you enjoyed it.

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am 7. Juni 2022, 22:04 Uhr von Gullie
Took me a while this time to grasp the logic, once I got the break-in the puzzle flowed really nice. Very enjoyable, as always with your puzzles!
Response from Eric: Glad you got it Gullie. Yes, the logic was a bit different than my usual puzzles.

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am 7. Juni 2022, 13:02 Uhr von ranhothchord
great puzzle! thanks for setting this
Response from Eric: You're welcome and congrats on solving it!

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am 7. Juni 2022, 11:43 Uhr von belfieldtj
I really enjoyed this - superb logic.
Response from Eric: Thanks belfieldtj. Glad you liked it and congratulations on solving the puzzle.

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