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This puzzle is for zetamath's most recent setting challenge. If you'd like any hints, feel free to post a hidden comment below or message me on Discord. Comments and ratings are much appreciated, and please be sure to check out my other puzzles here.


Each row and column contains the digits 0–9 once each. Four digits belong to a set, four other digits belong to a different set, another digit belongs to both sets, and a final digit belongs to neither set. No more than two digits from the same set may be adjacent in a row or column. Digits in a cage cannot repeat. A cage has two clues: one gives the sum of the digits that belong to one set, and the other gives the sum of the digits that belong to the other set. The order of the clues is arbitrary.

For example, one set could contain 0, 1, 2, 3, and 5; the other set could contain 1, 4, 6, 7, and 8; and 9 would belong to neither set. If a cage contained the digits 1, 2, 4, and 9, one clue would be 3 (1+2) and the other clue would be 5 (1+4).

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Lösungscode: Enter Row 10 (left to right) and Column 10 (top to bottom) (20 digits, no spaces)

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am 3. Juni 2022, 18:21 Uhr von kaylee42
I had a blast with this puzzle - one of my favs!

am 31. Mai 2022, 20:52 Uhr von twobear
Great puzzle. I also struggled a bit with scanning during the mid-solve, but everything works out very nicely in the end. Thank you!

am 29. Mai 2022, 20:51 Uhr von crispy16
Excellent puzzle once again, @mathpesto. Lots of really cool, and very original logic.

am 29. Mai 2022, 10:26 Uhr von Jesper
Very nice and original.

am 29. Mai 2022, 05:28 Uhr von Elliott810
Beautiful puzzle with a very original idea! Thanks:) What about a puzzle with three zeros? ;)

am 29. Mai 2022, 03:54 Uhr von JayForty
Very nice puzzle! I struggled a bit with the scanning until I remembered the theme of the challenge :) Nice and original!

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