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Rex Parvae

(Eingestellt am 27. Mai 2022, 17:48 Uhr von JayForty)

Normal Sudoku, Arrow and Anti-king rules apply

  • Digits along an arrow sum to the digit in the circle
  • Two diagonally adjacent cells can't contain the same digit


Lösungscode: Row 1, column 5

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am 10. Juni 2022, 04:54 Uhr von Nell Gwyn
Fiendishly difficult, but some of the most gorgeous geometry tricks I've ever seen.

am 1. Juni 2022, 22:42 Uhr von Vebby
Great construction! Thanks Jay! :)

am 31. Mai 2022, 22:54 Uhr von crispy16
A masterful construction.

am 30. Mai 2022, 17:00 Uhr von mathpesto
Congratulations on a stunning LMD debut! I was thoroughly impressed by the interactions of the two constraints. Very elegant and I think absolutely worthy of a CtC feature!

am 30. Mai 2022, 12:43 Uhr von glum_hippo
Brutal but immensely clever puzzle! Keep up the good work

am 29. Mai 2022, 16:26 Uhr von Agent
Just stunning!

am 29. Mai 2022, 13:54 Uhr von JayForty
Thank you all so much for your kind comments/reviews and that you gave this puzzle a chance!

Zuletzt geändert am 29. Mai 2022, 07:58 Uhr

am 29. Mai 2022, 00:46 Uhr von filuta
excellent use of the antiking constraing, brilliant, thanks!

am 28. Mai 2022, 10:13 Uhr von JayForty
Updated tags

Zuletzt geändert am 28. Mai 2022, 09:26 Uhr

am 28. Mai 2022, 09:25 Uhr von Xendari
Wow, this was a joy to solve! I'm a sucker for colouring puzzles, and the anti-king constraint created such beautiful interactions that I had to pause at some moments to check it wasn't magic XD. Thank you very much for sharing!

Also, I think the correct tag for Anti-King is "Non-Touching" instead of "Anti-Diagonal"

am 27. Mai 2022, 22:51 Uhr von Crusader175
Very amazing puzzle with lots of beautiful logic!

am 27. Mai 2022, 21:02 Uhr von Jesper
Lovely puzzle, with some unexpected and original deductions, thanks!

am 27. Mai 2022, 18:47 Uhr von Niverio
Very impressive debut! Lovely interactions all over the place.

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