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Suguru Chaos Deconstruction: The Mop (Between Lines)

(Eingestellt am 26. Mai 2022, 20:43 Uhr von crispy16)

A Suguru Chaos Deconstruction without much of the deconstruction. I wanted to play with Between Lines and the SCD style puzzle allows for some longer lines and fun interactions but there is much less of the region construction than in most other SCD puzzles.


Numbers outside the grid are cosmetic and indicate the number of the row or column they are adjacent to. This is purely for the purposes of helping solvers, and does not affect the solution in any way.

Deconstructed Suguru: Fill some cells in the grid with the digits 1–9 such that no digit repeats in a row or column. All digits must belong to a region (a collection of orthogonally connected cells), and a region of size n contains the digits 1 through n once each. Regions may not touch each other orthogonally, although they may touch each other diagonally.

Cells with a grey circle must contain an odd digit. Cells with a grey square must contain an even digit.

All cells on a Between Line and the circles at the ends of the lines must contain a digit. Digits on a Between Line must be strictly between the digits appearing in the circles at the ends of that line.

Diagonally adjacent cells cannot contain the same digit (anti King constraint).

Solve on F-Puzzles
Solve on Cracking the Cryptic


Lösungscode: Ignoring blank cells, write the digits in Row 15 and then Column 15 (left to right, or top to bottom, no spaces)

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am 13. Juni 2022, 19:02 Uhr von Snookerfan
Lovely puzzle! Very hard for me, but I enjoyed every minute.

am 9. Juni 2022, 17:37 Uhr von Mody
Meisterlich konstruiert, ich hatte lange Spaß daran.
Masterfully constructed, I
I had fun with it for a long time.

am 30. Mai 2022, 12:13 Uhr von polar
Very enjoyable - thank you!

am 28. Mai 2022, 14:41 Uhr von crispy16
Fixed solution code

Zuletzt geändert am 28. Mai 2022, 14:56 Uhr

am 28. Mai 2022, 13:32 Uhr von JayForty
Beautiful puzzle! Very nice interactions between the SCD and between lines. And of course the symmetry is beautiful too.

am 27. Mai 2022, 03:11 Uhr von crispy16
Fixed link to f-puzzles

Zuletzt geändert am 27. Mai 2022, 03:12 Uhr

am 26. Mai 2022, 21:51 Uhr von Nylimb
On F-Puzzles, there's an extra 7, 3 cells above the middle cell. It's not present in the CtC version or on this page.


Thank you very much for pointing that out. Not sure how that happened but it's fixed now.


am 26. Mai 2022, 20:50 Uhr von mathpesto
Beautiful symmetry, wonderful use of between lines, and extremely challenging!

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