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(Eingestellt am 24. Mai 2022, 17:36 Uhr von wisty)

First of two puzzles I've made using this particular irregular geometry! :)


Normal irregular sudoku rules apply. (place a digit in each cell such that every column, row, and bolded region contain each digit exactly once)

Blue lines are region sum lines. For each line, digits on the line have an equal sum N within each region it passes through. If a line passes through the same region more than once, each individual segment of the line within that region sums to N separately.

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Thank you DarthParadox, Xentor, Svip, and Finch for testing!

Lösungscode: column 4 followed by column 6 (no spaces)

Zuletzt geändert am 25. Mai 2022, 11:22 Uhr

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am 25. Mai 2022, 11:22 Uhr von wisty
Changed difficulty from 4 to 3 based on CtC discord feedback.

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