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Ambiguous Arrows Sudoku

(Eingestellt am 25. Mai 2022, 21:26 Uhr von Jay Dyer)

An experimental ruleset that I found to be quite interesting to set with. Basically, you can think of each line as being a standard arrow clue, but the position of its circle cell (which equals the sum of the other digits) is not specified, and can be anywhere on the line, not just at an end.


  • Sudoku: Normal sudoku rules apply.
  • Ambiguous arrows: Each line must contain a digit equal to half the sum of its digits. Digits may repeat on a line if allowed by other rules.

Solve in f-puzzles or CTC.

Lösungscode: Rows 8 and 9.

Zuletzt geändert am 26. Mai 2022, 18:22 Uhr

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am 27. Mai 2023, 19:21 Uhr von OldCaptainWZJ
I like sudokus with just a single extra rule, and this puzzle is one of the most brilliant of them. The deductions are novel, and they are all interesting and rewarding to find. Thanks for setting this!

am 15. Januar 2023, 17:19 Uhr von Samish
Great execution of this cool idea!

am 19. Oktober 2022, 22:15 Uhr von Vebby
Brilliant puzzle! Definitely a sleeper classic, deserves way more solves.

am 26. Mai 2022, 18:22 Uhr von Jay Dyer
Added some additional description of the nature of the clues.

am 26. Mai 2022, 16:43 Uhr von DVFrank
Absolutely incredible puzzle! There were so many deductions that were really fascinating - in particular deducing the composition of the lines in box 7 was such a treat! :^) Thank you for setting this!

am 26. Mai 2022, 15:00 Uhr von JayForty
My mind is blown by this puzzle. At first glance it's just ridiculous and you expect some hidden trick or secret to it. Absolutely amazing and clever setting.

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