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Nurikabe Sweeper

(Eingestellt am 23. Mai 2022, 01:37 Uhr von KNT)

This puzzle is a hybrid of a killer sudoku, a nurikabe, and a minesweeper puzzle. It is largely inspired by zetamath's wonderful puzzle Bounce.

While the rules might take a moment to wrap your head around, just read them carefully and it will make sense- they are simpler than they might seem at first glance. I hope this puzzle is more on the approachable side.


1) Normal Sudoku rules apply.

2) Shade some of the squares blue (ocean), and the others green (island). The ocean must all be orthogonally connected, and not have any 2x2 blocks.

3) Digits on an island may not repeat, and must include the digit that is the total number of cells of that island (i.e., a 2 cell island must contain the digit 2). Islands may not touch orthogonally, but they may touch diagonally.

4) Numbers outside the grid give the sum of island cells in that row or column.

5) Lastly, a digit in a circle indicates how many of the 8 surrounding edges and corners to that cell are part of the boundary of an island.

Here is a 6x6 example puzzle to help illustrate the rules:

Link to the example

Note how the edge of the grid is used in the sweeper counts in the ruleset. As you can see in the example, the 3 circle in R1C1 does not count the edge of the grid, while the 6 in R1C3 does. This is because in R1C3, the border of the island consists of the edge of the grid.

The full puzzle is shown below.

CTC app link

Penpa+ link

Lösungscode: Column 8

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am 12. September 2022, 16:48 Uhr von Agent
Very enjoyable puzzle! The edge sweeper ruleset works very nicely with nurikabe.

am 23. August 2022, 01:20 Uhr von Piatato
Great puzzle! I had some big struggles spotting some very basic nurikabe logic some times. Maybe one beautiful day some time in the future, pencil puzzles will feel less frightening to me than they do now, haha!

Zuletzt geändert am 22. Juni 2022, 20:18 Uhr

am 22. Juni 2022, 20:18 Uhr von PixelPlucker
Wonderful puzzle, thanks! Great variety of logic, and the solve path felt intentionally designed throughout

am 5. Juni 2022, 11:04 Uhr von Christounet
Very nice trip around these islands ! And quite approchable compared to what we're used to with your puzzles ! Thanks.

am 24. Mai 2022, 23:29 Uhr von kolot
Very enjoyable puzzle! Not too difficult and fun to solve. Well done!

am 23. Mai 2022, 22:40 Uhr von Mr.Menace
Very nice puzzle! The ending was great indeed, made me laugh!

am 23. Mai 2022, 20:15 Uhr von Niverio
Very nice hybrid! Cool ending too.

am 23. Mai 2022, 19:39 Uhr von twobear
Great puzzle with very smooth solve. Thank you!

am 23. Mai 2022, 15:37 Uhr von Playmaker6174
Probably I didn't solve that many Nurikabe puzzles but that was so tricky for me, there're lots of potential traps throughout the solve but everything worked really well together and there're lots of brilliant deductions too. Thank you for this great journey x)

am 23. Mai 2022, 15:19 Uhr von Vebby
Very enjoyable! Loved how all the rules came into play in order to make progress. Thanks KNT :)

am 23. Mai 2022, 12:11 Uhr von Jesper
A beautiful puzzle, thanks!

am 23. Mai 2022, 11:46 Uhr von LittleBallOfPurr
Gorgeous puzzle, love the water theme. Challenging, yet approachable with baby steps. Hope to see more of this style/theme, many thanks!

am 23. Mai 2022, 10:07 Uhr von RJBlarmo
Really cool puzzle! Few times I thought I broke it but everything worked out. Fun disambiguating logic at the end.

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