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Honeycomb sudoku. The Hive

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This is my first puzzle so any feedback will be appreciated. I came up with this grid pattern many years ago after finding regular newspaper sudokus rather repetetive and boring. I have an irregular version as well which I will aim to upload tomorrow. Note the corner cells have been intentionally blacked out to give the grid more structure. If these cells are removed, I feel the unusual grid pattern is a little disorientating.


Essentially the same rules as a standard sudoku but in 3 directions. However unlike a standard sudoku only 5 of the rows and 60 degree diagonals contain the full set of digits 1-7. Therefore it is just a case of numbers 1-7 not repeating in each of the 3 directions or regions.

Penpa+ link

or if that fails


Lösungscode: Rows 1 and 2. 2+5 digits. No spaces

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