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The King With The Arrow 2

(Eingestellt am 14. Mai 2022, 08:46 Uhr von Joseph nehme)


- Normal Standard Sudoku rules apply.

- King's move rules: Any 2 cells separated by a king's move in chess cannot contain the same digit.

- The digits in the circles are the sum of the digits along their respective arrows. Digits may repeat along the arrows.

F-Puzzle Link to play below.

F-Puzzle link

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As always, your feedback, ratings and comments are highly appreciated :) Enjoy !

Lösungscode: Row 7 followed by column 8 (no spaces and no commas) ie (123456789987654321)

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am 16. Mai 2022, 01:53 Uhr von sacklunch
Excellent puzzle, fun and the right level of challenge for me. Thanks!

@sacklunch Thank you :)

Zuletzt geändert am 14. Mai 2022, 23:31 Uhr

am 14. Mai 2022, 23:12 Uhr von garnetb
Absolutely loved the break-in. This was a joy from start to finish

@garnetb Thank you :)

Zuletzt geändert am 14. Mai 2022, 18:19 Uhr

am 14. Mai 2022, 17:51 Uhr von Playmaker6174
Smooth and fun! :)

@Playmaker6174 thank you :)

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