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Arrow Party

(Eingestellt am 12. Mai 2022, 19:11 Uhr von jwsinclair)

Normal sudoku rules apply.
Cages show their sums.
Digits on arrows sum to the two-digit number in the connected pill, which reads from left to right.


Lösungscode: row 3, row 8 (18 characters, no spaces)

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am 17. Mai 2022, 22:31 Uhr von Orpheus
Very fun. The cages were very fun in parcticular.

am 16. Mai 2022, 20:57 Uhr von jwsinclair
@Leif_Hrimthursar, DVFrank, Christounet:
Thanks for the nice comments, really glad you all enjoyed it!

am 16. Mai 2022, 19:59 Uhr von Christounet
Very nice puzzle ! I loved the way it unwind so quickly after a slow first round of deductions with these big arrows !

am 16. Mai 2022, 17:39 Uhr von DVFrank
Very nice! :^)

am 16. Mai 2022, 16:15 Uhr von Leif_Hrimthursar
A=X+yellow; B=X-yellow-green; C=green+X-orange. I kind of felt like I was back in Linear Algebra initially. But after that it was not done. For me the real genius was the 9 cage, whose solution kind of came out of nowhere and helped me when I was stuck. I liked it a lot.

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am 13. Mai 2022, 15:05 Uhr von Ragna
WOW, what a masterpiece.
Thank you :-)))


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am 13. Mai 2022, 13:53 Uhr von wilsig
Very nice setting!


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am 12. Mai 2022, 21:25 Uhr von Klappa en ko
Thank you very much, the first time I manage to solve a three stars

Thanks, well done!

am 12. Mai 2022, 19:15 Uhr von jwsinclair
Thanks for solving and rating! If you or someone you know might enjoy a weekly set of puzzles that are a bit easier than the ones here, but still engaging and challenging, check out Artisanal Sudoku. Primarily killer sudokus, often in combination with other rulesets.

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