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And Then There Were None

(Eingestellt am 23. April 2022, 20:16 Uhr von fjam)

This puzzle was created for a riddles theme, taking Agatha Christie's novel of the same name as inspiration. As such, it requires a combination of lateral thinking and logic to solve.

Be advised that the rules should be read carefully here, as only the rhyme is written on solving pages.


Detective, after bad weather we have finally been able reach the island following the distress call. Though we are yet to identify each victim, it appears that all ten digits died in accordance with the following verse:

Ten little digits sat down to dine; One was evenly spread in a sandwich and then there were nine.
Nine little digits under white cliffs slept late; One was crushed by stones and then there were eight.
Eight little digits heard whispers of heaven; One collapsed in the crossing and then there were seven.
Seven little digits cut up renban sticks; One chopped itself symmetrically and then there were six.
Six little digits played with bows and knives; An arrow tip pierced one and then there were five.
Five little digits were tried under law; One was shot for different parity and then there were four.
Four little digits took a trip out to sea; A red herring swallowed one and then there were three.
Three little digits got stuck together with glue; One was squashed between the others and then there were two.
Two little digits lay under the sun; One melted at peak temperature and then there was one.
One little digit with nowhere to run; Oddly still killed and then there were none.

We have also found a note, where one unidentified digit confesses to the murder of the other nine. We believe you should be able to solve the mystery by filling in the grid legitimately with the nine victims, leaving out the murderer.

A few extra details from the note:
  • Standard Sudoku variant rules apply.
  • Sandwich crusts have been marked with thin rectangles and contain the highest and lowest digits in the grid.
  • Each line of the rhyme refers only to the remaining digits.
  • Some victims have been identified by cages in the grid.


Löse Penpa

Löse CTC

Solving in Penpa is recommended as a key is provided to help solvers match each digit to a line of the rhyme. Answer check triggers when the key and puzzle are both completed correctly.

Lösungscode: Zeile 3, Zeile 7, Der Mörder

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am 10. März 2023, 02:47 Uhr von rockratzero
This is a brilliant puzzle... that pissed me off until I solved it :)

am 10. März 2023, 02:42 Uhr von riffclown
PRICELESS!! Incredible fun. Unbridled imagination.

Zuletzt geändert am 10. März 2023, 02:38 Uhr

am 10. März 2023, 02:37 Uhr von wisty
This is the BEST puzzle it's my favorite I love it so much! Also, f*** you. But seriously, great job on one of the most unique and fun and hilarious puzzles I've ever seen.

am 26. April 2022, 05:14 Uhr von zegres
Fantastic puzzle for the riddle sudoku monthly theme!
Very original and very cool.
Took me a lot of work, but felt very rewarding!

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