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Suguru Chaos Deconstruction: Sectioned Thermos

(Eingestellt am 23. April 2022, 16:44 Uhr von crispy16)

This is a follow on to my first published puzzle Suguru Chaos Deconstruction: Solo Little Killers. As always a big thank you to testers and mathpesto for their inspiration.


Deconstructed Suguru: Fill some cells in the grid with the digits 1–9 such that no digit repeats in a row or column. All digits must belong to a region (a collection of orthogonally connected cells), and a region of size n contains the digits 1 through n once each. Regions may not touch each other orthogonally, although they may touch each other diagonally.

Along Thermometers digits must increase from the bulb end.

For each thermometer, cells along that thermo belong to the same region if and only if they are on an orthogonally connected path along the thermo. E.g. r12c13, r13c13 and r13c14 belong to the same region, but r14c15 belongs to a different region.

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Lösungscode: Ignoring blank cells, write the digits in Row 6 and Column 14 (left to right, or top to bottom, no spaces)

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am 12. Mai 2022, 04:51 Uhr von Krokant
Very cool. Still made me sweat quite a bit. ;)
Wonderful puzzle.

am 30. April 2022, 19:16 Uhr von KNT
Lots of fun, thanks

am 30. April 2022, 09:53 Uhr von thefallenrat

am 29. April 2022, 02:16 Uhr von Xendari
This is beyond amazing. The logic was amazing throughout the entirety of this puzzle, which is not only rare, but also a mark of a top notch setter. Thank you so much for sharing this!

am 28. April 2022, 19:03 Uhr von Niverio
Very cool follow-up to the little killer variant! Enjoyed it immensely.

am 27. April 2022, 15:03 Uhr von MagnusJosefsson
Very nice fun puzzle! Thanks!

am 25. April 2022, 20:29 Uhr von crispy16
Added labels

am 25. April 2022, 19:05 Uhr von crispy16
Updated rules for clarity

Zuletzt geändert am 25. April 2022, 19:00 Uhr

am 25. April 2022, 11:57 Uhr von Niverio
I need some clarification about the rules: In the rules it is said that "For each thermometer, cells along that thermo belong to the same region only if they are orthogonally connected along the thermo." Is it possible, for example, R3C13 and R3C15 to belong to the same region?


Cells along a thermo belong to the same region if and only if they are on an orthogonally connected path along that thermo. So r3c13 and r3c15 must be in separate regions.

Thanks for asking, I had been meaning to update the rules for clarity.

-- Chris

am 24. April 2022, 17:01 Uhr von tubahat
kind of amazing how this puzzle never "cracked". consistently hard right to the last deduction!!

am 23. April 2022, 20:34 Uhr von kolot
Very nice!

am 23. April 2022, 16:54 Uhr von mathpesto
Another delightful puzzle, congrats!

am 23. April 2022, 16:52 Uhr von crispy16
Fixed typo in title

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