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  • Cells separated by a knight's move or king's move (in chess) cannot contain the same digit.
  • Consecutive digits cannot lie in two cells connected orthogonally (i.e. sharing an edge).
  • Cells connected at the corners by a circle must contain the numbers within the circle.

The standard Sudoku rules apply.

Have a crack at this one and tell me what you think! Spread the word and don't forget to rate it!

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Lösungscode: Row 5, left to right (no spaces or commas).

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am 7. April 2022, 14:03 Uhr von timyoth
Just out of curioustity, has anyone managed to solve this without using prior knowledge of king+knight sudoku (I hope people will know what property of these sudokus I'm talking about)? With that knowledge I'm able to solve it, but without I can't find logical path through. Just wondering if someone else was!

EDIT: after too many retries i was finally able to do it! Nice little piece of logic that I hadn't seen before. Thanks for the puzzle!

am 28. März 2022, 08:08 Uhr von Enkerro
Very nice flow to the puzzle, not too hard but challenging enough. I forgot the non-consecutive rule until the very end, where it was only needed to disambiguate the last digits. Anyway, fun puzzle thank you!

am 16. März 2022, 23:14 Uhr von BellBear
I had a great time solving this one. Thanks for setting and sharing!

am 16. März 2022, 21:49 Uhr von davidjshort
I was impressed with the power such constraints had on particular cells while still not easily opening the puzzle. thanks.

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