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Almost Satisfaction

(Eingestellt am 12. Februar 2022, 07:15 Uhr von Joseph nehme)

This puzzle can be solved without either of the inequality signs. I first posted the puzzle without them but the solving path turned out to be extremely difficult and hard to spot so I added them for a smoother solving path. For a more challenging puzzle solve it without the inequality in box 3 and for a really hard one solve it without both inequalities.


- Normal Standard Sudoku rules apply.

- On the marked diagonals digits cannot repeat.

- Normal Little killer Sudoku Rules: Digits on the diagonals sum to the clues outside the grid. Digits can repeat on diagonals.

- The digits in the circles are the sum of the digits along their respective arrows. Digits may repeat along the arrows

- The inequality signs mean that R1C8 is higher than R2C8 and that R9C9 is higher than R8C9

F-Puzzle Link to play below.

F-Puzzle link

CTC app Link to play below.

CTC app link

As always, your feedback, ratings and comments are highly appreciated :) Enjoy !

Lösungscode: Row 5 followed by column 7 (no spaces and no commas) ie (123456789987654321)

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am 11. April 2022, 20:40 Uhr von argl
Broke it once, let it sit, came back to it, somehow managed :D

It was hard, but good

am 31. März 2022, 19:44 Uhr von Hausigel_mod
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am 12. Februar 2022, 19:40 Uhr von Playmaker6174
Very beautiful design, quite challenging solve but I enjoyed the aha moments in this one :)

@Playmaker6174 Thank you my friend :)

Zuletzt geändert am 12. Februar 2022, 12:44 Uhr

am 12. Februar 2022, 12:41 Uhr von Vebby
Very clever geometry! Thanks Joseph :)

@Vebby Thank you my friend :)

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