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She Bites!

(Eingestellt am 12. Februar 2022, 20:37 Uhr von theasylm)

Normal Sudoku rules apply.

Normal two-color Japanese Sums rules apply. The colors used in this puzzle are black and red.

Outside the grid are colored clues. These clues indicate the sums of the contiguous regions in that row or column that should be shaded the color of the clue. However, if the clue is BLUE, then both black and red regions must be found in that row or column. Furthermore, there must be an unshaded cell between regions of the same color, though there is no need in between regions of differing colors.

F-puzzles: https://f-puzzles.com/?id=ybu23lro

Lösungscode: Central row

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am 7. April 2022, 01:27 Uhr von awesomesauce
Very cool picture. Looks great with unshaded cells as green.

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