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Pip pip

(Eingestellt am 8. Februar 2022, 08:07 Uhr von sunnyjum)


Normal irregular sudoku rules apply (Each row, column and 9-cell region must contain the digits 1-9 once each).

The 9-cell regions must be determined by the solver.

5 of the regions must form the face of a die! Die faces are 3x3 regions containing a digit 1-6 in the middle. The circles inside the 3x3 region are the pips and must show a valid dice representation of the digit in the middle of the region (see the reference image).

The remaining 4 regions may form any orthogonally connected shape.

All circles must contain odd digits.

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Note: You will require the reference image below when playing online.

Lösungscode: Row 3

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am 12. April 2022, 00:59 Uhr von ndsurgenor
My first construction solve! Loved the logic in this ;)

am 19. Februar 2022, 06:25 Uhr von sunnyjum
Edit: No puzzle changes. Added Chaos Construction tag.

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am 14. Februar 2022, 17:54 Uhr von ViKingPrime
Love the concept and I especially appreciate the little bits of logic at the start of the puzzle, when finding the dice regions.

Thanks @ViKingPrime! -sunnyjum

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