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A mashup of Sudoku and Hashiwokakero inspired by a prior puzzle from RockyRoer.


Normal Sudoku rules apply. Place the digits 1 through 9 in each empty cell. Digits must not repeat within the same row, column, or box.

The circles indicate the islands of a standard Hashiwokakero puzzle where the values must be determined.

Islands must all be connected by bridges to form a single connected group.

Bridges may only connect islands in an orthogonal direction and may not cross.

The number within each island cell indicates the total number of bridges that connect to it.

A maximum of 2 bridges may connect any pair of islands.

Numbers outside the grid indicate the sum of the cells in the associated row or column that contain a bridge, not including the island cells themselves.


CtC - Enable pen tool to draw single lines.
penpa+ - Use line tool to draw one line and select "double" to draw two lines.

Lösungscode: Enter the digits of the 5th row left to right followed by the digits of the 6th row left to right.

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am 11. Februar 2022, 20:11 Uhr von kolot
Very nice puzzle! It was fun.

Zuletzt geändert am 8. Februar 2022, 06:14 Uhr

am 8. Februar 2022, 03:57 Uhr von RockyRoer
This was so much better than my original puzzle -- thanks for making it. It's too bad that CTC app won't allow you to draw two lines connecting islands -- for that reason I'd recommend future solvers using the penpa link.

Thank you. My first version used odd/even retrictions, but it didn't quite feel right and so I reworked it because I really liked your bridge sums idea.

I agree that it is better to solve using penpa+. You can at least mark where the bridges go in CtC, but have to remember which ones are doubles.

am 8. Februar 2022, 01:03 Uhr von mobiustrip
Very enjoyable, thanks for the puzzle!

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