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  1. Normal sudoku rules apply.
  2. Primes can't project on the same digit through rotational symmetry (±90 or 180 degrees).
  3. One of the prime digits is special, must appear in the shaded cell, and can't ever repeat diagonally.
  4. In boxes where the special digit appears on the box diagonals, digits in each box row are sequential modulo 9, e.g., [1 2 3] or [8 9 1].

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Lösungscode: The digits in the middle column, from the top.

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am 16. Februar 2022, 18:57 Uhr von Merko
jgreenfield: See my comment on the Surplus Information puzzle.

am 30. Januar 2022, 02:53 Uhr von drbs
Die Analogie zu einem anderen berühmten Puzzle gefällt mir.

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